• ramy moharam fouad
  • ramy moharam fouad

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ramy moharam fouad


ramy moharam fouad | ma'at
Straying through a lost city in my fatherland
Discovering secrets eluded from my youth
Ma'at's feather, shadowing from the horizon 
Bathing in her father's sunlit golden rays
Goddess of truth, of wisdom and morality
Of justice and order and harmony
The stars, the seasons and balance
And knowing, there and now
That the ink in my body, holding her feather
Is and will always be devoted to
The way to the good heart

pre-order before end of December: delivery February 2022
pre-order before end of January: delivery March 2022

limited number of items: 30
size: 90x90cm
material: 100% silk 
made in: italy